International Tactical Exercise “Platinum Wolf 24”

Monday, 10.6.2024 | Training
Organized by the Serbian Armed Forces and the United States European Command, the “Platinum Wolf 24” international tactical training exercise takes place at the “South” Base and “Borovac” Training Ground between 10 and 21 June.

The goal of this exercise, whose planning is based on the UN Charter, is to improve the interoperability and mutual understanding of the partner countries’ armed forces during the execution of a peace support operation in a multinational environment.

Exercise participants will be practicing the tactics, techniques and procedures applied when deployed on peacekeeping operations, focusing on the use of non-lethal weapons. Urban combat, defense of a base, control of mass gatherings and working at a checkpoint are part of the planned exercise activities.

The organization and active participation of the Serbian Armed Forces in the “Platinum Wolf” exercises, which have been conducted since 2014, are a way to  increase capacities and capabilities of commands and units for planning, organizing and conducting international exercises, as well as the ability of platoon and company-level units to engage in peacekeeping operations.

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