Military Academy Cadets’ Flight Training in 204th Air Force Brigade

Friday, 13.5.2022 | Training
At Military Airfield "Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica, the 5th year students of the Military Academy are currently undergoing their flight training on the training and attack aircraft "Super Seagull" G-4.

Such training represents the final segment of training for the Military Academy cadets attending the Military Aviation study program. It is intended to train them in initial officers’ / pilots’ duties performed in SAF aviation squadrons. The cadets have previously successfully mastered the theoretical part of training for this aircraft, as well as flying the trainer aircraft "Lasta".

The training program, delivered by the 252nd Training Squadron flight instructors, includes all segments of flight training, from the basic, aerobatic, navigation and group to instrumental flights, so that future pilots could be fully trained in flying independently this type of aircraft.

Thanks to the training on the training and attack aircraft "Super Seagull" received while they are still at the Military Academy, Second Lieutenants focus on the advanced forms of training and retraining for more complex types of aircraft once they assume their duties in SAF squadrons.

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