Laying Wreath on the Occasion of Armistice Day in First World War

Thursday, 11.11.2021 | Culture and traditions
Envoy of the Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces and President of the Republic, Aleksandar Vučić, Secretary General of the President of the Republic, Suzana Paunović, laid a wreath at the Monument to the Unknown Hero on Avala today, on the occasion of Armistice Day in the First World War.

The envoy of the President of the Republic was accompanied by Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, and Commander of Air Force and Air Defence, Lieutenant General Duško Žarković.

After laying the wreath, Ms. Paunović wrote in the guest book: "Giant heroes, you have built your lives into the very foundations of freedom and independence of your people and your homeland, Serbia. With gratitude, remembering your heroism and sacrifice, we, your descendants, today celebrate the day of freedom and victory. You will always remain the generation that crowned the past with a victorious wreath of glory! In memory of the giant heroes.".

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