Training on Artillery Missile System “Pantsir S1”

Monday, 1.8.2022 | Training
The air defence artillery missile system “Pantsir S1” crews are undergoing intensive training in the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade.

The training aims to raise additionally the unit’s members’ competence for preparing and executing combat actions using the maximum potential of this modern system.

The training program includes all contents related to the tactics of employment and maintenance, focusing on the preparation and execution of firing in line with the prescribed standards and norms.

Tactical practices aim to improve the combat crews’ competence for taking up and shifting the fire position, replenishment of the combat vehicles with ammunition and missiles, and preparation for taking action and engaging air and ground targets in different conditions, raising the level of the unit’s operational capabilities and readiness for conducting intended missions.

The Air Defence Artillery Missile System “Pantsir S1” is among the best and most modern systems of its kind. It can engage ground and air targets on the move, during short pauses or from the emplaced fire positions. Its introduction into the air defence system has enhanced the SAF capabilities for control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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