Day of ASW Service and 126th ASEWG Brigade Marked

Friday, 17.6.2022 | Culture and traditions
A military ceremony on the occasion of the Day of the ASW Service and Day of the 126th ASEWG Brigade has been held at "Banjica" Barracks, Belgrade, today. 

To mark this holiday, there was a parade of the Brigade units, along with the briefing on the working results so far, handing of the rewards to the most distinguished individuals and laying of the wreaths at the memorial in the barracks.

Looking back on the results achieved in the period between the two holidays, it was singled out that the ASW Service and 126th ASEWG Brigade had shown professionalism, commitment and expertise in executing all the tasks and contributed to the successful functioning of the system of control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

The ceremony was attended by Commander of Air Force and Air Defence, Lieutenant General Duško Žarković, representatives from SAF units, Serbian Orthodox Church, local government and institutions the Brigade cooperates with.

Day of the ASW Service and Day of the 126th ASEWG Brigade are marked on 18 June in memory of the day in 1915 when the Serbian Supreme Command issued an order to form permanent air-observation signal posts to mark the enemy aircraft direction, laying the foundations for the modern ASW Service.

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