International Exercises "Slavic Shield" and "BARS“ Successfully Completed

Friday, 15.10.2021 | Training
Members of the Air Force and Air Defence of the Serbian Armed Forces and the Aerospace Forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation have successfully completed the exercise "Slavic Shield 2021" and "BARS 2021", which were conducted this week in the Republic of Serbia.

Combat operations and procedures of the joint air defense group in the operation to protect the strategic object from reconnaissance and air operations were practiced at the exercise "Slavic Shield", while training of mixed crews of fighter aviation and helicopter units for combat missions in day and night conditions was conducted within the "BARS" exercise.
During the exercise "Slavic Shield", members of the 250th Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade conducted live fire against targets in the airspace with artillery and missile weapons, as well as against targets on the ground with artillery weapons.
All targets were hit, and members of the artillery and missile units of the Serbian Armed Forces for anti-aircraft operations once again showed that they were capable of responding to all the challenges posed by modern warfare. 
The flying activities of the mixed crews at the "BARS" exercise, conducted in the areas of the military airfields in Batajnica and Lađevci and the "Pasuljanske livade" range, were marked by the tasks of airspace control and protection, as well as the search and rescue tasks. For the first time, Mi-35 helicopters were also used in the exercise.

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