Flight Training in Night Conditions

Wednesday, 12.6.2024 | Training
At the Military Airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović” in Batajnica and in a wider area of Belgrade, cadets of the Military Academy are going through the final phase of flight training with light multi-purpose “Gazelle” helicopters.

The training activity is carried out in accordance with the education plan for future pilots of the Serbian Armed Forces, in order to train them fully to fly independently this type of aircraft, which is a necessary prerequisite for retraining for combat Gamma helicopters or multi-purpose transport helicopters Mi-17, awaiting them in the final year of their studies.

In this phase of training, cadets carry out night training flights, during which they practice take-off and landing techniques and procedures and flying at low altitudes. In order to access this section of flight training, they have previously mastered independent basic, navigation and instrument flights.

In the coming period, they will be trained for group flying, which will round off the training process for the Gazelle helicopter.

The implementation of more intensive flight training for cadets, which was made possible thanks to large investments in the Air Force, ensures that they focus on advanced forms of training and retraining for the most modern types of combat and multi-purpose helicopters in the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces immediately after being appointed to initial officer duties.

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