Training in Maintaining SAF Planes and Helicopters

Wednesday, 27.7.2022 | Training
Students completing the final year of the “1300 Corporals“ Military Vocational High School are currently undergoing training in maintaining SAF aircraft in the Air Force and Air Defence Training Centre at Military Airfield “Colonel-Pilot Milenko Pavlović“ in Batajnica.

The training involves using the “Super Seagull“ and “Lasta“ planes and “Gazelle“ helicopters as part of the internship process done in the 204th Air Force Brigade, aiming to train future Air Force NCOs to perform the crews’ duties and maintain these types of aircraft.

During the training, students acquire deeper knowledge about the aircraft, their components, role, principles behind their work and basic actions and procedures in maintaining their equipment and instruments in the first and second maintenance level, which will be of utmost importance for them while performing their initial duties in the Air Force and Air Defence units.

After they complete four years of their education and pass their specialist exams and final graduation exam, students of the Military Vocational High School will become professional technicians admitted to the Serbian Armed Forces as professional NCOs with the rank of Sergeant.

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