Telecommunication Service Day and Signal Brigade Day Marked

Tuesday, 20.9.2022 | Culture and traditions
The Telecommunication Service Day and Signal Brigade Day were marked in SAF commands and units in memory of 20 September 1916 when the Regulation on the Military Telegraph was passed laying the foundations for organizing the signals in the Serbian army.

These holidays were an opportunity to summarize the results achieved in the recent period, read congratulations and present awards and commendations to the most distinguished individuals. The central ceremony took place at Banjica Barracks in Belgrade involving a parade of the Signal Brigade units and showcase of the latest telecommunications devices and systems belonging to this unit.

Looking back on the achieved results, it was emphasized how much the Telecommunication Service members had contributed to a successful accomplishment of SAF missions by performing professionally and responsibly the tasks of securing the uninterrupted functioning of the telecommunication and information system, expressing the expectations that modernization and further strengthening of the service would continue.

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