Congratulations from Supreme Commander, SAF and President of the Republic for SAF Day

Sunday, 23.4.2023 | Culture and traditions


I extend my greetings to all members of the Serbian Armed Forces on 23rd April — Serbian Armed Forces Day.
We celebrate the greatest military holiday — Serbian Armed Forces Day in memory of the day when the Second Serbian Uprising stared back in 1815, which was a pivotal moment for the creation of the modern Serbian state and of its military.
Today, the Serbian Armed Forces are a factor of stability in the country and entire region, and an unavoidable element of scientific, technological and every other form of development of Serbia. For more than two centuries, the very soul of our people has been interwoven with the military, which originated from the people filled with pride, dignity and perseverance.
It gives me immense pleasure, as the President and Supreme Commander of the Serbian Armed Forces, to see the interest and response of young people to the competition for the admission into units of the Serbian Armed Forces which is an indicator that we are on the right track.
Owing to the modernisation and equipping of our armed forces, we can proudly say that we have strong Serbian Armed Forces, stronger than ever before, and we can be even more proud of the members of our armed forces who have achieved significant results this year in their training and the training of new soldiers, and who have managed to maintain the required level of operational capabilities of the Serbian Armed Forces.
Strong armed forces are a reflection of a strong state, capable of protecting their country and people, and of ensuring their safety and freedom, for there is nothing more sacred and holy than that.
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces,
I extend my greetings to you on Serbian Armed Forces Day — the greatest military holiday, confident that you will, just like your ancestors did, march with your heads high and know how to make your fatherland, your Serbia proud, and that you will be worthy of your calling.
Long live Serbian Armed Forces!
Long live Serbia!”

President of the Republic  
Aleksandar Vučić

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