Training on “Kub” Missile Systems in 250th Missile Brigade

Tuesday, 17.5.2022 | Training
The service personnel are undergoing their training in the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade Battalions armed with the “Kub” missile systems intended for neutralizing targets flying at low and medium altitudes.

In line with its purpose, the training involves operating the system as well as its basic technical maintenance. According to the training plan and program, the focus in this period is on practicing tactical actions.

Training in operating the ”Kub” air defence system includes a series of actions performed by the crews, such as taking up the position, shifting the self-propelled missile battery into the state of combat readiness, identification and tracking of air targets and preparation for projecting fire. In order to get the highest grade at the firing activity and to complete the task fully, missile units need to have regular practice according to defined standards and norms.

Training in maintaining the missile system is an important factor in missile units. It includes setting the radar post for surveillance and guiding, self-propelled launchers, as well as maintaining the missiles, performed in technical examination procedures in the missile-technical battery.

Such training, along with continued advancement of individuals and crews, ensures a high-level competence and combat readiness of the 250th Missile Brigade to be engaged within the permanent combat-ready forces for control and protection of the airspace of the Republic of Serbia and launching a defensive air defence operation.

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