Marking the Day of the Technical Overhaul Institute „Čačak“

Thursday, 30.9.2021 | Culture and traditions
Military ceremony at the Technical Overhaul Institute „Čačak“ today marked the day and the Patron Saint day of this institution.

Congratulations from the Minister of Defense and the Chief of the General Staff were read at the ceremony, the results of the work of the institution were summarized and awards and commendations were presented to the most prominent individuals.

The celebration of the holiday was an opportunity to highlight the significant results of the Institute, which in the years behind us significantly improved technology and maintenance capacities and was actively involved in the process of modernization of weapons and military equipment of the Serbian Armed Forces.

Day of the Technical Overhaul Institute „Čačak“ is marked on September 30, in memory of the day when, in 1925, a decision was made to assign municipal land for the construction of the Engineering and Technical Institute in Čačak, which created the conditions for the establishment of the Institute.

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