The Day of the Air Force and Air Defence

Tuesday, 24.12.2019 | Culture and traditions
On the occasion of the Air Force and Air Defence Day, a Solemn observance was held tonight at the Zemun Air Force Hall, attended by the Chief of the General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces, General Milan Mojsilović, State Secretary at the Ministry of Defense Bojan Jocić, members of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, representatives of the City of Belgrade, local self-government, religious communities and numerous guests.

The audience were addressed by the Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence, Major General Duško Žarković who thanked the state and military leadership for ensuring that the measures taken have rendered the Air Force and Air Defence capable of meeting the requirements of the time and rise up to the tasks.

— Equipping with key combat assets, MiG-29 aircraft, Mi-17 and H-145 multi-purpose helicopters, Mi-35 fighter helicopters, LASTA aircraft, as well as flight maintenance assets has been completed. Parallel with equipping, preparations were made for the introduction into operational use of modern air defense systems and unmanned aerial vehicles at the beginning of next year, General Žarković said, adding that the overhaul and extension of the resources regarding the aircraft and missiles and technical equipment had been completed, and that works on a part of infrastructure facilities have significantly improved living and working conditions of the personnel, as well as storage and maintenance of key assets.

Speaking about the plans for the coming period, General Žarković said that the process of equipping of the branch would continue. 

— In the year ahead, we will continue to equip and introduce into operational use MiG-29 aircraft, modern rocket systems and drones, as well as to overhaul and modernize the key combat assets. With intensive training of individuals and units, we will increase the capacity for maximum utilization of newly introduced assets and be the guarantor of the free Serbian skies, emphasized General Žarković, adding that the available staff and modern assets are a guarantee that next year will be even more successful.

The Solemn observance on the occasion of the Air Force and Air Defense Day continued with a drama recital featuring actors, the Mixed Choir of the Ministry of Defense and the Serbian Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense Art Ensemble “Stanislav Binički”, vocal soloists Dušan Svilar and Eleonora Barudžija.

On this day, by Decision of the Minister of the Military, Voivoda Radomir Putnik, on 24 December 1912, the Air Force Command of the Serbian Army, based in Niš, was established. Recognizing the importance of airspace and aircraft in warfare, Serbia was among the first 15 countries in the world to introduce aviation into its Armed Forces.

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