Training of Technical Personnel in 250th Missile Brigade

Monday, 20.6.2022 | Training
The 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade units armed with the “Kub” missile system are delivering routine training in order to maintain and build service personnel’s skills and to prepare young soldiers and officers for their new duties.

Since it is not possible to carry out the tasks self-propelled missile battalions are charged with without functional and combat-ready missiles, a great deal of attention is being paid to the training of members of missile-technical batteries which are intended for preserving and maintaining anti-aircraft missiles.

In these units, training is conducted as part of regularly performed tasks in preparing the missiles for combat readiness and their preservation in different modes. Apart from maintaining the missiles’ proper functioning, this is the way to enhance the technical personnel’s competences for conducting efficiently control-technical check-ups, checking if the missiles are functioning and being armed properly, and moving them to the fire positions.

Training of technical personnel is only one segment of a complex training process executed in the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade units, ensuring the Brigade’s high-level combat readiness for conducting operations and protecting the airspace of the Republic of Serbia.

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