Serbian Prime Minister Extends Greetings On Serbian Armed Forces Day

Sunday, 23.4.2023 | Culture and traditions
On the occasion of 23 April – Serbian Armed Forces Day

I congratulate all members of the Serbian Armed Forces on 23 April – Serbian Armed Forces Day. 

The Armed Forces mark their day in memory and celebration of the Second Serbian Uprising, cherishing today a glorious tradition of ancestors who fought for the freedom and honor of Serbia and our people. 

Today, our armed forces are the pride of our Serbia. You are primarily the factor of stability and peace in the country and the entire region. We are proud of your strength, work and devotion to your country.

You are always there to help our citizens in emergencies. Furthermore, we are proud of the contribution you make to safeguarding peace by participating in multinational operations. 

Therefore, we will continue to invest in the development and equipping of our armed forces and continuous improvement in the material status of military personnel.

I congratulate you on the Serbian Armed Forces Day, confident that all of you will be the pride and strength of Serbia in the future as well. 

Serbian Prime Minister
Ana Brnabić

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