Skills Assessment of Soldiers on Military Service

Thursday, 12.1.2023 | Training
This week, soldiers who undertook voluntary military service in December 2022 have undergone assessment of their individual skills at the SAF Training Centres in Sombor, Valjevo and Leskovac.

This is the first evaluation of soldiers of this class so as to determine how skilled they are in undertaking independent tactical actions and procedures on the battlefield, handling properly arms and military equipment and performing military and guard duties.

At the two-day assessment of their skills, soldiers carried out diverse tactical missions, applying knowledge and skills acquired in the initial training stage of the first period of military service. The achieved results indicate that the soldiers have fully mastered all training contents, which is confirmation of the well-planned and performed training activity.

As they continue with their military service, soldiers are to be transferred to the Specialist Training Centres to train for their military occupational specialties, after which they will attend collective training and assume active roles in the life and work of SAF units.

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