Specialist Training of Armored Soldiers

Wednesday, 21.9.2022 | Training
At SAF Training Ground “Orešac” near Vršac, a stationary camping is underway involving soldiers who are trained for performing the duties in the armored units while on their military service.

The soldiers are now going through their individual specialist training; they are becoming familiarized with the organization of life and work in the field conditions at the training ground and acquiring practical skills for performing their tasks as crews of the armored combat vehicles.

The camping, which is a mandatory part of soldiers’ practical training in the field conditions, involves the preparatory and school firing using the IFV M-80A weapons and school firing using the M-84 tanks. The firing is a way to test practically how successfully the training was conducted and is the first opportunity for the soldiers to see personally the fighting vehicles’ combat and fire capabilities.

Before going to the field, soldiers have successfully mastered all the contents related to the knowledge of the weapons, fighting vehicles and their devices, and how to handle and maintain them.

The individual training of armored soldiers is four months long due to the complexity of military duties they are trained for. Next week, they will go through examination of their skills after which they will be posted to SAF units for collective training.

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