Training of Professional Staff

Friday, 7.6.2024 | Training
At the training grounds of the Serbian Armed Forces in Niš and its vicinity, training of soldiers and officers of the armored units for the T-72MS tank is underway.

The training activity is attended by members of the tank battalions from the army brigades, whose primary combat vehicle is the M-84 tank, the ultimate goal being for the tank crews of the Serbian Armed Forces to be trained for using both types of tanks in combat.

The first training phase is currently being implemented, in which the tank crews learn of the basic differences between the M-84 main battle tank, which they are trained for and which they use for performing their duties, and the T-72MS tanks.

The focus is on the training of gunners and commanders, who need to master using modern sights and other modern subsystems of the tank and be trained in the effective use of weapons and their maintenance.

Having in mind that they are experienced and highly trained professional members, the period of adaptation and acquisition of new knowledge is significantly shorter and the results achieved during training are far better.

In the next training stages, tank crews will carry out tactical drills and live firing from the T-72MS tank’s weapons and will have the opportunity to put into action their knowledge and skills in the integration of fire and maneuver with this complex combat asset.

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