Evaluating the Readiness of a General-purpose Engineering Company

Thursday, 17.10.2019 | Training
At the Base “South”, a tactical exercise “Stena 04” (“Rock 04”) was implemented, during which, according to the Concept of Operational Capabilities, the training and readiness of the general purpose Engineering company declared for participation in multinational operations was evaluated.

In accordance with the exercise scenario, a Company from the 310th Engineer Battalion carried out complex tasks specific to multinational operations, such as the construction of camps, shelters and covers, the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges, the provision of humanitarian aid convoys, and the evacuation of injured and ill persons by air.

The unit’s training and interoperability were evaluated by an international team of evaluators, while a four-member monitoring team from the NATO Joint Forces Command in Naples and Brunssum, and from the Land Component Command in Izmir, was overseeing expert supervision.

The set goals of the exercise were achieved and the Engineering Company successfully completed the exercise and underwent an evaluation under the Operational Capabilities Concept, showing a high level of training and professional attitude towards the tasks.

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