Training of Engineering Company for Deployment in Multinational Operations

Monday, 13.9.2021 | Training
In the area of the peacetime location in Prokuplje, the training of the general engineering company from the 3rd Army Brigade declared for deployment in multinational operations is in progress.

The goal of the multi-week training is to raise the level of operational capabilities and interoperability of the unit for performing complex engineering tasks in multinational operations according to the standards of the Operational Capabilities Concept.

The focus in this phase of training is on the practical use of engineering resources on tasks that this unit can expect in multinational operations, such as overcoming and removing obstacles in the field, construction of camps, shelters and covers, construction and maintenance of roads and bridges. In addition, members of the engineering company study the contents of tactical, fire and physical training and international humanitarian law and are trained to apply general tactics, techniques and procedures that are implemented by all forces in multinational operations.

The general purpose engineering company from the 3rd Army Brigade was declared for deployment in multinational operations in 2016, and after a successful check under the Operational Capabilities Concept in 2019, the unit received a certificate of readiness to participate in multinational operations and perform declared missions and tasks.

Operational capabilities concept is one of the forms of cooperation among the member countries of the Partnership for Peace program, through the implementation of which the Serbian Armed Forces achieves interoperability standards and develops the operational capabilities of declared units for deployment in multinational operations. In addition to the general purpose engineering company, the Republic of Serbia has declared one motorized infantry company, two military police platoons and two CBRN platoons within the Operational Capabilities Concept.

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