High Accuracy of Fire against Ground and Aerial Targets

Friday, 26.5.2023 | Training
Temporary components established in support of Joint Tactical Live Fire Exercise “Joint Response 2023” continue with their exercise activities in the field, the intensity and complexity of combat training being raised on a daily basis.

There are various tactical drills, exercises and live firing intended to improve Serbian defense forces’ competence and skills in carrying out jointly tactical and fire missions in preparation for and execution of combat operation.

A wide range of weapons of the infantry, artillery, armored and air defense units are being used in order for subordinate units to execute fire missions assigned by the exercise leadership. The results of firing against ground and aerial targets are being checked as well as crews’ tactical work and knowledge of materiel.

A series of live firing with weapons of all calibers and purposes continues in the following days as well, aiming at having individuals and units highly trained to destroy quickly and efficiently designated targets, making favorable conditions for our own and forces in interoperability to undertake combat actions and ensure final success of the operation.

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