Training on "Kub" Air Defence Missile Systems

Wednesday, 26.1.2022 | Training
Intensive training is being carried out at the deployment locations of the division of the 250th Air Defence Missile Brigade armed with "Kub" missile systems, in order to maintain and improve the ability to control and protect the airspace.

In accordance with the purpose of the units, the service crews are being trained for combat use and basic maintenance of missile systems. Marching tactical procedures, taking a firing position, procedures during the immediate preparation and execution of shooting targets in the air are practiced down to the smallest details.

Since the successful completion of assigned tasks in missile divisions requires teamwork and full training of each individual, the training is organized for both technical staff from logistics companies and missile system units, who are tasked with equipment inspection and testing, mounting and transshipment of missiles.

The "Kub" air defence missile system is intended for the destruction of airborne targets at low and medium altitudes. It is characterized by high mobility and the possibility of centralized command and fire control at the divisional level.

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