Serbian Armed Forces Joint Exercise "Maneuvers 2022"

Tuesday, 18.10.2022 | Training
The Serbian Armed Forces are conducting a joint exercise known as "Maneuvers 2022", during which active and reserve members will be undergoing jointly different forms of training for three weeks.

The evaluation of forces will take place in the territory of the Republic of Serbia by 06 November, including both the airspace and inland waterways, and engagement of operational capabilities of land forces and aviation units.

The objective of the exercise activities is to improve further the commands’ and units’ abilities for planning and conducting operations, preventive deployment of forces, organizing interoperability and cooperation, and life and work in the field conditions.

During the preparatory phase of the exercise, commands and units complete their missions at their original locations, standard operating procedures are examined and reserve personnel admitted so as to undergo training upon reaching the units to refresh their knowledge acquired while performing military service. The units which move to the active phase will perform a preventative deployment of forces in their Areas of Responsibility, executing later, in the final phase, tactical drills, tactical exercises and firing using different types of weapons.

Joint exercises of the units of different arms, and other forces of the defence system if need be, represent an irreplaceable form of training in the Serbian Armed Forces. They result in the commands’ and units’ high-level competence for performing tasks in interoperability, which is of crucial importance for the overall combat-readiness of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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