Training on 120 mm Mortars M-75 in Army Units

Monday, 6.6.2022 | Training
Members of the infantry and mechanized battalions, 1st Army Brigade, are currently undergoing their routine training in the combat use of 120 mm Mortars M-75.

Such training is intended, not only for professional members, but also for soldiers assigned to these units as part of their military service. The training objective is to maintain and build their skills in performing collective assignments while providing fire support to units on operations.

Special emphasis is placed on refining tactical actions and procedures for projecting fire, including taking up the position, shifting the weapon from its marching position into the combat-ready position, calculation and target acquisition, and operations of the crews after issuing the firing order.

This training cycle concludes with tactical drills and scheduled live firing activities executed at "Pasuljanske Livade" Training Ground to examine practically how competent the crews are for the unit-specific missions.

The 120 mm Mortar M-75 is intended for neutralizing and destroying live force and adversarial fire capabilities, creating smoke screens, blinding the observation posts and fire positions, illuminating the battlefield, opening passages through wire obstacles and minefields and demolition of light fortifications.

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