Safest Military Drivers in 2021 Receiving Recognitions

Tuesday, 29.3.2022 | News
This year’s first meeting of the Military Transport Employee Safety Committee, in which the most responsible commanding officers of the transport service of the Serbian Armed Forces took part, has been held at "Topčider" Barracks in Belgrade today.

Discussion at the meeting covered the state of traffic safety in the Republic of Serbia in the previous year with the highlight on military drivers’ safety. It also brought conclusions and measures to be taken towards further promotion of safety of military transport employees and the safest drivers in the Ministry of Defence and Serbian Armed Forces were pronounced.

In the NCO category, Staff Sergeant First Class Vladimir Ralić, from the 204th Air Force Brigade, was pronounced safest driver in 2021. In the professional soldiers’ category such recognition was received by Corporal Ivan Petrović from the Central Logistics Base, whereas the safest driver among army civilians was Military Servant Goran Radojević, also from the Central Logistics Base. In the previous year, they were the highest-mileage drivers of military vehicles for liquid transport and they had no traffic accidents, violations or emergency situations regarding transport of dangerous goods.

The best drivers received recognitions from Deputy Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, Lieutenant General Petar Cvetković, who also chairs the Military Transport Employee Safety Committee.

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