Advanced First Aid Course

Monday, 3.4.2023 | Training
Advanced first aid course was held in the Logistics Training Centre for officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians serving in the Serbian Armed Forces who, as part of their regular duties, do not work with emergency medical care.

The goal of this four-week training is to improve existing knowledge and acquire new skills and abilities for providing first aid and caring for the injured at the scene of an accident, using modern medical equipment.

During the course, the participants were theoretically and practically trained in applying procedures from the initial assessment, through triage, recovery of the injured to a safe zone, examining the patient according to the checklist, giving first aid, and air evacuating.

Upon completion of this course, which represents the third level of training for providing first aid, the participants will reach the required level of knowledge for the effective use of training and hand tools during the emergency care of the injured in various situations, as well as for applying techniques and procedures used to prevent further deterioration of the health of the injured and sick.

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