Off-Road Driver Training for Peacekeeping Operations

Wednesday, 18.1.2023 | Training
This week, some SAF members will be receiving additional training in driving off-road motor vehicles as part of their preparations for deployment with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

Training is conducted by the SAF Transport Service Training Battalion, Kraljevo, and is attended by the NCOs preparing for the duties of drivers within the element in support of our forces in the AO. 

The first training segment included theoretical training and training in driving on public roads, followed by the most demanding training activity – driving the vehicle in field conditions across Beranovac Autodrome. Created to meet UN standards, it has also drawn on SAF members’ experience from peacekeeping operations. It is actually by overcoming such arduous obstacles that military drivers acquire necessary skills to operate vehicles on rough terrain, which will play a significant part while performing their tasks in Lebanon. 

Off-road driver training is an obligatory part of thorough preparations made by SAF personnel prior to their deployment on peacekeeping operations as military observers, staff officers and drivers, preparing them fully for all their potential assignments in the AO.

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