Continuous Logistical Support at Exercise "Maneuvers 2022"

Wednesday, 2.11.2022 | Training
As the joint exercise "Maneuvers 2022" is being conducted, special attention is paid to the training of logistics units, particularly the Central Logistics Base, and testing their ability to provide support to participating units.
Following the exercise scenario, these units are tasked with issuing and delivering ordnance and equipment to SAF troops which are conducting tactical exercises and live fire drills at permanent and temporary ranges in the Republic of Serbia.

During the first phase of the exercise, the Central Logistics Base HQ and units did operational planning. Next, they delivered a wide range of ordnance needed for the training and scheduled firing practices to remote locations.
They managed to provide continuous supply of critical ordnance to the units participating in the exercise, which is an important prerequisite for a successful execution of both complex exercise activities and operations conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces. It is also a confirmation of a high degree of skill of the professional component in providing logistical support to the Serbian Armed Forces units.

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