Preparation of Units for Deployment in Multinational Operations

Thursday, 14.10.2021 | Training
Collective training of several units of the Serbian Armed Forces for deployment in multinational operations is underway at the "South" base and the "Borovac" and "Rujan" military complexes near Bujanovac. 

The training includes members of the light infantry company, military police platoons and atomic-biological-chemical defence platoons from the Army, which the Republic of Serbia has declared to be deployed in multinational operations within the Operational Capabilities Concept.

In order to achieve the required level of interoperability and combat readiness, these units are undergoing comprehensive preparations for the implementation of tasks they can expect in the international environment. The training program includes practicing tactics, techniques and procedures for performing collective tasks in the area of operation, such as securing convoys, controlling mass gatherings, establishing checkpoints, controlling the territory, decontaminating personnel and equipment and evacuating the injured. 

After the completion of this phase of training, a tactical exercise will follow at the "Borovac" training ground and at the "Jug" base, during which the interoperability and combat readiness of the declared units for deployment in multinational operations will be tested.

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