Serbian Armed Forces’ Reconnaissance Units Undergo Tactical Training

Friday, 14.6.2024 | Training
The Army reconnaissance units are going through their summer training needed to provide intelligence support of forces on operations of the Serbian Armed Forces.

In this phase, in line with expected tasks, the reconnaissance units are undergoing tactical training at the training and exercise areas needed to undertake actions deep within enemy lines.

The focus is kept on refining tactical actions when organizing reconnaissance patrols, raids and ambushes, using multi-purpose combat and high-mobility special vehicles. They are practicing handling unmanned aerial vehicles and multi-purpose observation devices, whose introduction into service has greatly improved the intelligence gathering and processing capabilities.

As this training cycle unfolds, the reconnaissance units will undergo field training in various environments, which, in addition to combat operations tactical drills, implies also firearms training, training to overcome water obstacles, to survive and provide independent nutrition outdoors when it is difficult to supply the unit.

The reconnaissance units train continuously throughout the year in order to be ready at a moment’s notice for a quick and efficient response in situations they may encounter when performing intended tasks. This is the best way to sustain a high level of psychophysical preparedness and combat readiness to perform successfully the most difficult tasks.

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