Firing Practices with IFVs

Wednesday, 8.3.2023 | Training
This week, members of the Mechanized Battalion, 2nd Army Brigade, have conducted firing practices with IFVs at automated Firing Range "Orešac".

During the range activities which took several days, the IFV M-80A crews refined their work while executing preparatory and school firing. They engaged targets at varied distances, during the day and at night, scoring very good and excellent results which confirmed that the unit members were highly competent to perform intended tasks.

Through firing practices, SAF armored and mechanized units are preparing for live firing and participation in tactical exercises; their successful execution is a way to sustain and improve the skills and overall combat readiness of the unit.

The IFV M-80A is a primary combat asset of the Army Brigades’ mechanized battalions. It enables rapid introduction of infantry units into battle and providing fire support properly, which contributes largely to protecting these forces and conducting operations successfully.

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