Soldier Training during Second Term of Military Service

Wednesday, 14.9.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the June 2022 intake doing the second term of their military service in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade are receiving collective training at "Rastko Nemanjić" Barracks, Pančevo. 

Training involves the soldiers who have been specially selected and appointed to this elite SAF unit, having gone successfully through individual training at the Training Command Centres. They are being trained for collective assignments in support of units engaged in special operations such as sabotage, anti-sabotage, counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist actions.

In line with the training curriculum, soldiers go through the special operations tactics, build on their physical fitness and execute firing using different types of weapons used in the Brigade, performing also their daily assignments.  

During the training, soldiers have shown that they are exceptionally motivated and hardworking, and willing to join the unit as professionals. As their military service ends, most of them apply for selective training whose successful completion makes them eligible for starting a career as professional soldiers in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade.

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