Routine Training in SAF Infantry Battalions

Wednesday, 3.5.2023 | Training
Across SAF training and exercise areas and their peacetime locations, infantry units are currently being trained to undertake combat actions on offensive and defensive operations conducted by the Serbian Armed Forces.

This is regular training delivered in cycles throughout the year to sustain a high level of skills in professional serving members and provide young officers and professional soldiers, who have recently been appointed, with additional training.

At this training stage, soldiers and officers refine battlefield tactics and procedures and execute firing using different infantry weapons and modern optronics to be able to satisfy collective training standards and respond successfully to their assignments at any time.

Such training implies using modern armored fighting vehicles and anti-armor systems the units have recently been equipped with, as well as different infantry weapons intended for fire support and destruction of manpower and adversarial weapons. 

This training cycle rounds off with tactical exercises and scheduled live firing, testing practically infantry units’ competence in carrying out the assigned missions and tasks arising from them. 

The continued and planned implementation of practical training and exercise activities in SAF infantry battalions improves not only the professional component’s individual skills, but also the overall combat readiness of these units, which plays an immeasurable part in undertaking combat actions in all terrain and weather conditions, in interoperability with and with support of other branches.

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