Training of 72nd Special Operations Brigade Members

Friday, 24.6.2022 | Training
The 72nd Special Operations Brigade members have been undergoing field training at multiple locations this week practicing special actions and operations of special importance.

This is the Brigade’s routine training aimed at preserving high-level combat readiness and training soldiers and officers in performing their tasks in all terrain/microclimate conditions they could encounter when engaged with their specific unit.

Today, Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, visited the 72nd Special Operations Brigade members at one exercise location. He attended the training which involved overcoming (climbing) vertical obstacles and executing underwater missions at different depths, as well as undertaking combat actions from and out of the water using special weapons and military equipment.

On this occasion, General Mojsilović saw that the unit’s professional members had been perfectly trained and prepared to perform specific tasks in mountainous terrain and in the vicinity of rivers and lakes, praising their commitment, will and persistence shown during the training.

Such training, which is performed in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade throughout the year in all weather/terrain conditions, provides soldiers and officers with outstanding skills, physical fitness and mental strength, ensuring the high-level combat readiness of this elite SAF unit.

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