Serbian Armed Forces Personnel at Exercise in Germany

Monday, 20.12.2021 | Training
Members of the Serbian Armed Forces participated in the international exercise "Combined Resolve 16", which was held from December 6 to 20 at the Joint Multinational Readiness Centre "Hohenfels" in the Federal Republic of Germany.

The exercise, organized by the European and African Command of the United States Armed Forces, was attended by the Serbian Armed Forces infantry platoon and military police platoon, along with around 4,600 members of the armed forces of ten other countries.

During the two-week training activities, various training contents for conducting offensive and defensive peace support operations were conducted, together with  practicing tactics, techniques and procedures applied during the combat in the urban environment at the tactical level.

The Serbian Armed Forces have been participating in the "Combined Resolve" exercise in the Federal Republic of Germany since 2012. Participation in international exercises improves the operational capability and interoperability of the Serbian Armed Forces and further strengthens cooperation with the armed forces of partner countries.

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