Military Dog Handler Training and Training of Special Operations Service Dogs

Tuesday, 12.7.2022 | Training
Training of handlers and service dogs for anti-terrorist and anti-sabotage operations in special and military police units of the Serbian Armed Forces is underway at the Dog Training Centre in Niš.

The training is attended by professional soldiers and non-commissioned officers in the Centre, who acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for the use of special operations service dogs and the provision of first aid to dogs in the event of injury or wounding during the execution of the task.

In parallel with the training of the handlers, the training of the dogs is carried out, which were bred in the Centre and specially selected for this purpose, and which, after successfully completing the training, will be assigned to the Serbian Armed Forces units. In accordance with the tasks for which these dogs are intended, during several months of training, general training and practicing of actions is conducted, such as attack, defense, overcoming natural and artificial barriers, breaking into buildings and motor vehicles and neutralizing opponents.

The training of handlers and training of special operations service dogs, which are carried out at the Dog Training Centre throughout the year, contributes to the improvement of the ability of the Special Forces of the Serbian Armed Forces to carry out a wide range of tasks, bearing in mind that dogs, thanks to their superior senses, are irreplaceable for some of these units’ activities.

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