The Serbian Armed Forces Set Up a Pontoon Bridge to the Lido Beach

Tuesday, 29.6.2021 | CIMIC
Members of the First Pontoon Battalion, from the River Flotilla, set up a pontoon bridge over the Danube and thus connected the city beach Lido on the Great War Island with the Zemun part of the river bank. 

The pontoon bridge with a carrying capacity of 20 tons, consisting of 38 draft floats in a total length of 345 meters, was handed over for use today to the Tourist and Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Zemun until the end of the summer season.

The preparation and setting up of the bridge crossing point was an excellent opportunity for additional drill of practical actions and procedures of pontooners in the installation, maintenance and supervision of the pontoon bridge.

The bridge will be in operation for the next two months, after which it will be disassembled and transported by river to the Šabac garrison.

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