Training of 72nd Special Operations Brigade Combat Crews

Friday, 29.7.2022 | Training
On multiple locations all across the country, in different terrain and microclimate conditions, 72nd Special Operations Brigade combat crews have gone through numerous contents in the summer conditions this month.

The aim was to provide the unit’s members with additional training so that they could apply the acquired knowledge, skills and habits executing special actions in hilly, mountainous and almost impassable terrain and in the vicinity of water obstacles.

The training has been designed in such a way to require enormous mental and physical effort, focusing on the execution of firing, handling special assets and equipment, mental and physical training and following different tactical and technical procedures while conducting special actions and operations. It included fitness training in fighting, climbing, swimming in the open waters, waterways and lakes, driving a boat, landing onto the water, oxygen and air diving and independent nutrition in the wilderness. 

The training involved the teams of this elite SAF brigade along with members of the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior. The aim was to exchange experience and build confidence and cooperation in preparation for potential joint engagement in solving complex and high-risk problems.

The results of one-month demanding training have confirmed that the 72nd SO BDE members are capable of quick orientation on the ground, silent movement, overcoming natural and artificial obstacles rapidly and easily. They proved to be skillful in unexpected and most complex situations and fully competent to perform combat unit-specific actions.

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