Specialized Training of Armored Soldiers

Wednesday, 14.12.2022 | Training
The armored soldiers, who undertook their military service in September 2022, are currently undergoing specialized training at the Army Training Centre, Požarevac.

At the Centre’s training and exercise areas the soldiers are being trained to perform the gunner’s and driver’s roles as crews of M-84 tanks and IFV M80A. 

The training curriculum stipulates that soldiers should acquire knowledge and skills needed for an efficient use and maintenance of armored fighting vehicles, their weapons and devices. The involvement of trainers make possible for the conduct of practical fire and tactics training in all conditions using the minimum amount of material resources. 

The soldiers are now to execute firing practices and live firing using the branch-specific weapons, as well as to operate combat vehicles in the field conditions in order to be fully prepared for the tank and IFV duties. 

This training period concludes with their specialized skills assessment. Then follow collective training and soldiers’ active involvement in the life and work of SAF units until the completion of military service.

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