Specialist Training of Armoured Units Soldiers

Monday, 13.6.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the "March 2022" class of armored units are in the final phase of training for duties on tanks and infantry armoured combat vehicles.

This is a specialist training of soldiers on voluntary military service, for which, due to the complexity of training, this phase of training lasts ten weeks.

They are being trained as marksmen and drivers on M-84 tanks and M-80A infantry fighting vehicles at the Army Training Centre in Požarevac. Previously, before switching to combat equipment, they underwent training on trainers, which provide individual training and training of crews to perform fire and tactical tasks in all conditions. 

Soldiers are now about to carry out school and live firing from the branch weapons, as well as the management of combat vehicles in field conditions, in order to be fully trained to perform duties on the tank and infantry fighting vehicle. 

Specialist training of soldiers on military service ends with a test of ability to perform tasks within services, crews and teams, followed by training for the implementation of collective tasks and involvement in the life and work of units of the Serbian Armed Forces until the end of military service.

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