Training of Soldiers in Serbian Armed Forces Guard

Thursday, 20.1.2022 | Training
Soldiers of the "September 2021" intake who were sent to the Guard for the second period of voluntary military service are undergoing training to perform the collective tasks of the unit in the "Dedinje" barracks in Belgrade.

After successfully mastering all the contents of individual training in the Training Command centres, the soldiers in this period have the opportunity to gain various knowledge and get acquainted with the specific tasks carried out by this elite SAF unit.

Soldiers are trained in the Guard for giving military honors, safeguarding facilities and people, handling various small arms and using telecommunications, in accordance with the specialties for which they were recruited, with an emphasis on superior close-order drill skills, which every guardsman must excel in.

After completing their military service, soldiers will be offered the opportunity to work in the Serbian Armed Forces, and most of them will apply for service in the Guard, where they will perform responsible duties as professional soldiers in the performing protocol state activities and safeguarding facilities of vital importance to the Republic of Serbia.

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