Reserve Component Training in Serbian Armed Forces Units

Wednesday, 20.10.2021 | Training
Multi-day training of personnel from the reserve component of the Serbian Armed Forces for various military specialties is being conducted in the units of the Army and the Training Command.

Almost 300 reservists of infantry, artillery and logistics specialties are trained for quality and independent execution of designated tasks within their arms and services. 

In the units of the Army, personnel from the reserve component are trained for the combat use of self-propelled multiple missile launchers 128mm M-77 "Oganj" and practice tactical actions and procedures within the service of this modernized artillery system.

At the same time, training of the reserve component of logistics specialties is conducted in the units of the Training Command, which renew their knowledge through practical work in the field of logistics, primarily on the reconservation and repair of motor vehicles, medical care and food preparation. 

In addition to training logistics personnel, training of reserve commanding officers of one brigade and three infantry battalions is carried out, during which staff work in the decision-making process for organizing and conducting military operations is being practiced.    

This planned training primarily aims to renew the knowledge of the reserve personnel acquired during their military service, but also to get acquainted with the modern principles of use of units and to get trained to work with the resources that are now in the armament of the Serbian Armed Forces.

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