Republic of Serbia Defence Forces’ Joint Tactical Live-fire Exercise “Joint Response 2023”

Monday, 22.5.2023 | Training
Joint Tactical Live-Fire Exercise “Joint Response 2023” has started to unfold across several locations in the Republic of Serbia early this morning providing the opportunity for SAF and MOI forces to practice conducting offensive operations.

The exercising components belong to the SAF General Staff, Army, Air Force and Air Defence, Training Command, 72nd Special Operations Brigade and 63rd Parachute Brigade, as well as the Special Anti-Terrorist Unit, Gendarmery, intervention and helicopter units of the Ministry of the Interior.

The general purpose of the exercise, to be held this and next week, is to improve the police and armed forces’ competence and skills needed to carry out joint tactical and fire missions in preparation for and execution of combat operations.

During the preparation phase the activities are executed at the units’ regular locations; during the active phase, however, the joint forces will be at permanent and temporary training grounds practicing undertaking combat actions and operations. In the final part, the state leadership and the public will be shown some exercise activities at the temporary training ground “Pešter”, as well as how skilled and equipped the police and armed forces are.

In preparation for field activities, there was a computer-assisted simulation command and staff exercise last week entitled “Response 2023” which tested in a simulated environment how skilled the participating commands were in planning and conducting operations.

Joint tactical live-fire exercises represent the most complex form of training in the Serbian Armed Forces. Their execution improves not only the commands’ competence in planning operations and commanding the forces, but also the units’ proficiency in undertaking combat actions, independently or in interoperability with other components. 

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