CIMIC Projects of Serbian Armed Forces

Thursday, 3.11.2022 | CIMIC
SAF units involved in the active phase of Joint Exercise “Maneuvers 2022” have implemented a number of CIMIC projects in their AOR for the last few days.

Under these projects, aimed at mutual confidence-building and creating conditions for a better life of the citizens of Serbia, medical assistance was provided to the population and engineer works performed in remote villages in the Republic of Serbia. 

In cooperation with the Red Cross, local primary-care centres and city administration, military doctors and medical technicians delivered medical care to the residents of villages in the vicinity of Novi Sad, Sremska Mitrovica, Sjenica, Raška, Kuršumija and Bujanovac. There were over 200 preventative medical check-ups in rural clinics as well as home visits to persons with reduced mobility and immobility. 

Concurrently, the Engineer Task Forces, 2nd Army Brigade, performed road reconstruction works in the villages of Buđevo and Raždaginja on Pešter Highland and were creating conditions to provide water to livestock, having in mind that the residents had been having serious issues with drought impacts on this part of the country in recent years. 

As usual, SAF members were warmly welcomed by the citizens who expressed their gratitude for the received help, pointing out that it was the SAF that they trusted the most because they proved reliable on multiple occasions when people were in need.

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