Reconnaissance Units Undergo Routine Winter Training

Friday, 17.2.2023 | Training
Members of the 2nd Army Brigade reconnaissance units have come through routine tactical training in winter conditions in a wider area surrounding Goč Mountain.

In the mountains, scouts practiced performing intended tasks in specific conditions that could be expected in real situations in rough terrain covered with snow. 

In line with the tasks intended for scout units and stipulated training objectives, there were a wide range of activities, from day/night navigation and movement in unfamiliar terrain, to patrolling, setting ambushes, independent nutrition in the wild, and creating shelters where people could be accommodated. 

Also, they practiced using modern observation devices and systems the reconnaissance units have been equipped with recently and whose introduction into service largely enhanced the capabilities for intelligence observation, gathering and analysis.

Successful conduct of winter training, which is but a segment of complex training activities of the scouts, resulted in the additional improvement of soldiers’ and officers’ knowledge and skills and overall competence of this component for providing intelligence support. 

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