Towed Gun Howitzers Training

Tuesday, 9.8.2022 | Training
Intensive training of Mixed Artillery Brigade professional personnel in the use and maintenance of 152 mm M-84 "Nora" towed gun howitzers is underway at the deployment locations.

It is a regular training carried out with the aim of maintaining a high level of competence in providing artillery fire support to Army units and training professional soldiers for additional duties.

During the training, the ability of soldiers and officers to effectively use the howitzer "Nora" in combat is additionally improved. The servicemen mainly practice tactical actions during taking and changing the firing position, reconnaissance and detection of targets, as well as the calculation of fire elements and correction of artillery fire.

By implementing this training, which is carried out in cycles throughout the year, it is achieved that all members of the unit are trained for different duties within their category, which improves the toughness, combat resistance and overall combat readiness of the Mixed Artillery Brigade.

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