International Course on Assistance and Protection Against Chemical Weapons

Thursday, 20.6.2019 | Training

The Thirteenth International Basic Course on Assistance and Protection against Chemical Weapons is being carried out in the Serbian Armed Forces CBRN Centre in Kruševac.

Twenty-five students from 13 countries signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention (Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Italy, Peru, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Uganda and Ukraine) attend the course.

The realization of the course represents the continuity of successful cooperation between the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia in the implementation of the Convention.

CBRN Centre is responsible for the realization of the training. Instructors and assistants are experts from the Military Medical Academy and the CBRN Centre.

The Course program presents a combination of the lectures in the area of protection, detection and identification of toxic chemicals, decontamination, implementation of the Convention, and training in the use of CBRN equipment in field conditions.

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