High-Level Competence of 72nd Special Operations Brigade Combat Teams

Thursday, 22.9.2022 | Training
The 72nd Special Operations Brigade members undergo continuously diverse training, not only in the area where they are based, but also outside their peacetime disposition, with the aim of preserving the unit’s high-level combat readiness for conducting special operations and operations of special importance. 

At  one of the SAF training grounds, combat teams of Special Operations Battalion “Griffins”, which forms part of this Brigade, are going through segments of advanced training. They have been visited today by Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, who attended the execution of firing from the modern weapons the unit is equipped with. 

Today, the combat teams have engaged the targets using the “Humvee” combat vehicles’ machine guns, then light machine guns, sniper and long-range rifles, achieving excellent results.

While expressing satisfaction with the excellent skills the soldiers and officers have shown in efficient and rapid neutralization of targets at medium and long-range distances, their attitude to assignments and high morale, Chief of the General Staff has pointed out that members of SAF special operations forces are expected to be prepared at a moment’s notice to be first responders to threats to security of the state and citizens, and to perform any task assigned to them by the state and military leadership.

The execution of demanding and complex training, conducted in the 72nd Special Operations Brigade throughout the year, in all tactical conditions, weather and terrain, ensures the ultimate proficiency, physical fitness and mental strength of soldiers and officers, and high-level combat readiness typical of this elite SAF unit.

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