Training in Air Defence Artillery-missile Units

Tuesday, 1.3.2022 | Training
Regular training of professional component is underway in the Army air defence artillery and missile battalions for conducting collective tasks in accordance with the purpose of these units.

The focus is on training operators and services for the combat use of missile systems for air defence operations "Strela-2M", "Strela-10M", "Šilo" and 40 mm "Bofors" modernized system.

After theoretical content in classrooms and study rooms, members of artillery and missile battalions are trained on trainers to detect and track targets and launch missiles, and in field conditions they practice tactical and fire procedures in marching, camouflage, occupying position and calculating elements for targeting. 

The training will continue with training and control-training shootings at the military airport "Colonel-pilot Milenko Pavlović" in Batajnica, and then combat shooting of targets in the airspace at the range "Pasuljanske livade", when the training of units for assigned tasks will be evaluated in practice.

Artillery and missile battalions for air defence operations are intended for the direct protection of the Army units, and the implementation of this training provides a high level of training of units for the destruction of air targets.

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