Training of Guard’s Cavalry Platoon for Performing Military Honors

Monday, 29.8.2022 | Training
As part of collective training of the Guard Battalion of the Serbian Armed Forces’ Guard, the Cavalry Platoon, which forms part of this unit, is undergoing specific training for providing military honors.

Training for this protocol task is carried out continuously throughout the year so that the unit members could be ready at any time to present their close-order skills at the highest level and horses trained and adapted to specific conditions and noise.

The training program involves different contents, from officers’ and professional soldiers’ individual preparations, confidence-building activities with horses they are responsible for, to conducting close-order drills using horses and practicing procedures undertaken while providing honors within the protocol of state bodies. Actions are practiced until performed automatically, ensuring that the cavalryman has absolute control of their horse in all situations, minimizing the possibility of mistake while performing the task.

The Guard’s Cavalry Platoon was established in June 2018 continuing a long tradition of cavalry units in our army and preserving the memory of victories won by these units during the wars of defence and liberation of Serbia.

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